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Born in Israel, raised in Switzerland and currently living in Canada, Yuval's life has been an exciting journey through multiple cultures. Schooled in Italian in the sunny part of Switzerland, he moved to Zürich to attend university in German and followed his girlfriend (turned wife) to Paris. Fluent in Italian, German, French, English and Hebrew, he can get along in a few more languages too.

Like his life path, his career has been a stimulating passage through various disciplines. Educated as an MBA, trained as a CFA he never really fitted into any one mold. Even before university he engaged in commercial computer programming at the age of 14. While working for world class banks, he also had a stint as a dive-master in the Caribbean. Photography has always been a passion.

Twenty percent schooled and eighty percent self taught, Yuval constantly seeks to apply his brain to new knowledge. The request of a Dutch customer for a hotel virtual tour got him started on virtual reality. That was in late 2003, when Yuval was in between moving from Paris to Québec.

Passion turned into fervor. He embarked on a path of discovery and learning, honed his skills and participated as a VR artist in different forums.

  • In December 2004 he participated for the first time in the World Wide Panorama and has not missed one edition since.
  • In May 2005 his submission was accepted into the exclusive collection of Panoramas of World War II Landmarks.
  • In August 2006 his work was published by the prestigious industry magazine VRmag.

Yuval is involved in VR not only artistically, but also technically. His Brocap tool was one of the first to detect available VR technology in the browser and display accordingly.

In 2006 he set up a business that offers standardized real estate tours. In that context, his business was chosen by Remax-Québec to photograph the Maison Opération Enfant Soleil 2006 - the first prize of a yearly lottery benefiting children in hospitals. In 2007 he contributed the image processing for the Virtual Visit of Marsala.

A day in Boston - August 2006

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